5 Bridesmaids Proposal Ideas You Will LOVE!

You’re getting married and about to start a new life, but you can’t do it without the love and support of your bridesmaids. Wedding celebrations aren’t just about celebrating the bride and groom; they’re also about honoring the friends and family who have supported and loved you throughout this relationship and maybe even before. These are girls who’ve probably been there from the beginning, as sisters, close cousins, childhood best friends, college roommates, and caring co-workers. Your bridesmaids deserve to be lauded for their support throughout your exciting journey. And since they’ve been through it all, they deserve a proposal too!

Here are some of our favourite bridesmaids’ proposal ideas:

1- Nothing beats a DIY Proposal


 • Buy glass jars, one for each girl, from any of the shops that sell household accessories.

• Fill each jar with the following:

– Her favourite candy bar

– A bridal survival kit that to use on your wedding day (this includes small scissors, nail polish,  cotton buds, an eyebrow plucker, a small lotion bottle and anything else you might feel is of need)

– A handwritten card with a special message for each of your girls to ask her to be your  bridesmaid


2- Got time for a more Personal Proposal?


This one is for those brides who want to get a little personal.

– Grab gift boxes, one for each girl

– Fill them with themed makeup products, a scented candle, your favorite photo together and  a personalized message

– Customize your Team Bride t-shirts to use for a bridesmaid’s photoshoot


3- How about we cook something up from A Girls’ Night in?


• Invite your girls the night before the wedding at your hotel, enjoy the day by the pool, pamper yourselves at the spa and give them something to remind them of you

• Prepare bridesmaids gift boxes that consist of:

– Chocolates

– A headpiece/corsage, or any other accessory they will be wearing for your big day

– A scented candle

– Her own customized cupcake

– Your “be my bridesmaid” note


4- If you’re thinking of a Stick to Tradition proposal


Try this beautiful invitation – heartfelt, chic and to-the-point. All you need are cards, a printer and a  light spirit!


5- How about you Add a Little Sparkle?


This one is not much of a proposal as much as it’s a statement. There is no better way to show your girls you need them than by showering them with a thoughtful piece of jewellery.


6- You can also Show your Sweet Side


Is there anyone you know who doesn’t love a good morning cup of coffee? If you want to make sure your girls will have a glimpse of you each morning, customize your own message on a mug’s inside base and invite your girls over for tea. Don’t tell them anything until they see the message when they’re done with their hot drinks! And enjoy their reactions.