8 Wedding Veil Ideas We Know You’ll Love

The struggles of deciding what veil to wear on your wedding day are real, but we’ve got you covered. Here are our favorite 8 veil ideas to help you walk down the aisle with a smile on your face!


1. Glam Embellishments


Beautify your stunning dress with an equally bright veil that puts more emphasis on your look. This one is for brides with a passion for beading and embellishments on their gown.


2. The Bird Cage Veil


A layer of tulle and netting convey a sophisticated and chic look. This one is for brides looking for a modern edge to complement their vintage bridal look.


3. The Boho Veil


Free-spirited brides that want a more comfortable and laid-back look for their big day will find boho veils utterly romantic. Sheath and A-line gowns will match this veil perfectly.


4. The Royal Veil


The royal veil is timeless, and it’s as classic as it gets. Two layers of tulle that fall all the way down to your dress’s tail and a royal headpiece are the perfect combination for a royal look. This grand veil can hold its own next to a flowing ball gown.


5. Veil and Headpiece Combo


Combining a stone-embellished headpiece with a flowing veil will make you feel like royalty—as you should. You can find floral, lace and golden headpieces to match your dress style. Don’t forget to play around with the veil’s design too.


6. Colorful Embroidery


This new style is for brides looking to hold on to the traditional wedding look, but want to add a twist of color. As daring as it is, you’ll look beautiful with a bit of color on your veil.


7. The Side Swept Veil


If you want to take your look to the next level, then this one is for you. A bead-embellished lace headpiece with a side swept veil is unexpectedly stunning, and the best addition to a lacy sheath or an elegant A-line gown.


8. The New Mantilla Veil


This Spanish-inspired style is best paired with a streamlined silhouette dress, allowing the veil to form a halo effect around the body.