Beauty Appointments Before Your Wedding Day

The final Countdown to your big day has begun? With only one week left before the wedding you feel like all the wedding planning details are done…Not quite true. The most important thing that might have slipped your mind is YOU. You need to attend to yourself and have some fun by pampering yourself.

We have compiled for you the 5 essentials to dos one week ahead of your wedding day:

1. Laser Hair Removal

A Hair free honeymoon is what you need – no more worrying about shaving anymore.

2. Dentist


A quick teeth whitening session to have that perfect smile locked for all your wedding pictures.

3. Hairstylist



Go for a final trim, fix your hair color and/or get a hair treatment if needed.

4. SPA


Treating yourself to a nice facial and a massage is sth every bride needs to make her relax before her wedding day.

5. Nail Salon


This one is for the day right before the wedding to make sure they are still fresh and shinny.