Written by: Neamat Eltouby

Prior to your big day, maybe days, weeks or even months, it is typical for you to feel scared and/or stressed. The feeling you’re getting is simply described as “Cold Feet.” Getting Cold Feet before your wedding is normal. It may result in stress eating, no eating, bad habits that may calm you down, snaps, lashing out and many more, however, it’ll pass.

What you’re feeling

We can’t be subjective, as everyone is not the same. Yet, in the general sense, it is easy to assume that you are feeling limited and stuck, and nothing is working out. When one little deficiency happens, or one little argument occurs you unnecessarily lash out and are put on edge.  Your nerves are sensitive, you are sensitive and constantly vexed.

You may also have several doubts. You might be doubting your fiancé, whether they are the person you want to continue your life with or not. You may be doubting their love and commitment to you. You may also be doubting your planner, your florist, caterer, photographer etc., which later leads to you doubting whether you want this wedding in the first place. This could result from a malfunction by them or an argument between you and your fiancé, or simply a question of taste between your traditional mother and the not-so traditional you.

You’re crying a lot, you’re feeling nauseous, and alone. You may not want to see your fiancé or your parents at all. You also may feel like you want to postpone the wedding or call it off altogether, but don’t fret.

why you’re feeling it

You’re probably feeling so stressed that you feel your hair is falling out. It could be after a case of arguing with your parents about the wedding, or possibly your fiancé. It could be the sudden realization that you’re now legally bound to a certain person that you’ve never lived with, and you don’t know what’s coming. In cases, it could be just the thought of commitment that has struck in you, making you feel limited, and/or trapped. it’s all common, but less of a problem than you think.

What you should do

As generic as it sounds, exercise and healthy eating are typically a way to calm yourself down. Dealing with cold feet is extensively similar to dealing with a normal case of stress, because, it is a form of stress. Taking out your overflowing emotions on bodily exercise, good eating, and activities to regulate your stress is your way out. If you have to, take some time alone, or take a day out with your girlfriends/bridesmaids and do something that’ll stop you from thinking about the wedding as a whole.

Controlling your cold feet is simpler than you think. To pursue your big day and continue planning with a stressless heart and mind is only controlling your stress and believing you could go through with it with no set backs. You’ll be fine.