“Confetti-ons” of a Hopeless Romantic


Ever wonder how the tradition of throwing confetti at the newlyweds came to be? Back during the Roman era, & maybe even before that, a local seed or grain and was thrown to represent the future fertility & prosperity of the couple. As time progressed, rice was the popular choice in America, wheat in France, & sugar coated nuts, or confectionary in Italy, from which we get the word confetti.

Nowadays, this little party accent can be composed of just about anything- provided it doesn’t cause any harm or injury. Some of the popular ideas include freeze-dried flowers, vibrant shreds of paper, luscious strands of lavender, or even sequins. Not only does confetti make for some fabulous & fun wedding photos, it can also serve as part of your décor theme if tossed on the tables, along the entrance & by the buffets & candy stations.

As with all the intricate details that go into creating that masterpiece of a night, confetti is no different. Choosing the right material & motif complete the picture. Stay tuned for the 411 on how to incorporate this last piece into your big day!

For vintage or rustic weddings, we recommend going with pastel dried flower cones or lavender satchels. Both options exude elegance but also highlight the nature component of both themes. When it comes to exotic summer weddings, beach venues & Bollywood-inspired themes, iridescent shreds of paper will do the trick. You can get as colorful or as monotonic as you wish- the material & volume alone will add that playfulness you’re going for. Now let’s talk glitz n glam… You guessed it! Sequins & sparkles are your best friends! When done right, they add subtle sparkle & lux to the surroundings.

Now, while most couples will hire event planners who do a great job handling the web of intricacies, we know some of you are bigger believers in DIYs. You guys are in luck, because with this particular wedding detail, doing it yourself is actually pretty simple. Head down to any of Nomrosy, 3elbet Alwan, or Fabrica to find your raw materials & glance through our Pinterest board for inspiration.

Better yet, how about turning this into a fun bridal party activity with some arts & crafts, cocktails & finger food?