Get the Candy Corner of Your Dreams

Nothing cheers your wedding guests more than a free candy buffet on your big day. A candy bar is getting popular and highly demanded everywhere around the world, especially among Egyptians. But the sweet truth is that the sight of an uncrowded candy corner means something about the wedding is off. That’s why we’ve gathered some inspirations so you can have the perfect candy corner for your big day!

1- The Sweet Cinderella


Planning a fattening fairy tale? A royal-themed wedding means this candy corner idea would be a perfect fit for the night, even if you’re on a tight budget! The mix between roses, macarons and the sparkling gold swing conveys solid elegance.


2- D’ohnuts Everyone?


If you’re looking for something wittier and homier to treat your guests to, then this is sure to be a top attraction for your night. You can also add cake pops, candy jars, cupcakes and cookies to the wall of glazed donuts.

3- The Childhood Sensation


There’s nothing wrong with unleashing your inner child within. In fact, nothing is as genuine as taking a trip down memory lane with a couple of sweet crackers, jelly beans and colorful M&M’s. And what would it be without the lollipops?


4- The Simple Rustic


Minimalistic perfection is within reach with this beautiful wooden setup mixed with modest flowers and birdcages. Don’t forget to match the theme with classic apple pies and jarred chocolate heaven.


5- The Finger-licking Fun


One of our favorites, this candy buffet features a wide assortment of goodies mixed with fun decorations that you can customize with your vendor. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the décor, your guests will love it!


6- The Great Gatsby

If you’re looking for something grand, invest some time and effort into the candy buffet’s décor and selection. There’s no such as thing as “too much” here, so customize your striking buffet according to the wedding’s theme. You can even add mini candy giveaways for your guests to leave with.


7- The Knock on Wood


They say old is gold, and nothing is as gold as beautiful wood accents surrounded by vintage centrepieces and classic candy.

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