His Handbook to Finding “THE” Tux

Safe to say we underestimate a groom’s struggle to choose the perfect Tux for his big day; we all have that idea that its as simple as walking into a store two days before the wedding & picking up the first thing he finds… Well as plausible as that sounds, it’s not the whole truth.

That’s why we have come to your rescue with this guide to finding the perfect tux! Let’s start with the basics. Tuxedos are the more formal version of suits. They involve additional details & features to consider. Here is a breakdown comparison of the two:




Tuxes have satin lapels, as well as satin stripes down the sides of the pants.




They are traditionally worn with bow ties, while suits are worn with neckties—but nowadays the guidelines have been relaxed days.


Shirt Pairing

Since tuxes are worn with bowties, that means the third item on our checklist is a Wing Tip Collar dress shirt. You’d never wear a wing tip collar with a suit—even if you chose to wear a bow tie, you’d wear it with a regular spread collar.




Finally, we come to the shoe pairing. Tuxes are typically worn with black patent oxfords, and though you can never go wrong with those, some grooms have chosen to stray into the realm of different designs of patent dress shoes, such as the double-buckle.

Now, you can ditch all of our above advice if you are opting for a more relaxed, low-key, casual wedding. Case in point: a beach wedding. We are not living under a rock; we realize that couples are getting more innovative with their wedding venues & themes. So here’s our two cents on how to dress the part if you are planning one of those beach-like wedding affairs. We advise you to avoid the darker colored suits, & instead experiment with more neutral, light shades. Color candidates include beige, off-white, light blue, light grey & even white. That said, your look would not be complete without picking the right fabric for those colors- linens & blends! When it comes to suit accompaniments, like shirts, shoes & neckties, the sky is your limit. Get as progressive or conservative as you like, here… As long as you steer clear of patent shoes & wing-tip collared shirts.

You’re welcome!