A Mother’s Day Gift She‘ll Cherish for Years to Come!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Whether it’s your mother, grandmother, or mother-in-law, you should consider making her Mother’s Day gift extra special this year. Give her a beautiful piece of diamond jewelry.

A gift of jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive to be appreciated. There are delicate designs, at an affordable cost, for that perfect woman! Check out these incredible gift ideas to make this Mother’s Day gift one for the history books.

  • If your mom is fond of stacking diamond rings, treat her to a classic addition to her diamond ring collection that is affordable. You can mix and match a couple of rings (diamond and non- diamond) of different stone and/or metal colors.Rings-Jewelry-Mothers-Day-Gift-Weddinghubeg-cairo-egyptNecklace-Jewelry-Mothers-Day-Gift-Weddinghubeg-cairo-egypt
  • If your mom loves sentimental gifts, choose a unique diamond pendant for her mother’s day gift. 
    Depending on the style and size of the diamonds used, it can also be an affordable gift.


  • If you have a bit more money to spend this Mother’s Day, consider giving her an essential part of every woman’s fine jewelry collection: A Diamond Stud. The value of the stud will depend on many factors like size, color, purity(inclusion) and shape.
    Stud-Earring-JewelryMothers-Day-Gift-Weddinghubeg-cairo-egypt Don’t forget the certification when you’re buying a piece of jewelry as a gift!  The certification will include the weight, size, clarity, and color of diamonds as well as gold or any other metal used in this fine piece of jewelry you choose for that special woman!