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As of this month, we are finally proud to present our newest product – Le Planneur. Not your typical wedding agenda, of course, Le Planneur is a chance for you to correctly set everything you need into the exact place you need it. Through Le Planneur, we are giving you a chance to plan out EVERYTHING


Your Checklist

Typically, it is easy to lose track of what you’ve done, haven’t done, and desperately need to do. Thus, inside, you will find a checklist of what we know you need to be doing as you plan your big day.

Your Budget

It is easy losing track of the budget you’ve set for your wedding, but don’t worry when you have your planner with you. In the budgeting section, simply jot down the agreed upon payments to keep your budget into place.



Simmilar to most categories in the planner, your entertainment is also subjected to an outline that’ll keep everything in place for you.


In Le Planneur, we’ve dedicated a significant set of pages, in order for you to roughly draft out the number of guests you’re willing to invite, and their names as well. As for the invitations, you’ve got a spot to brainstorm your design, calligraphy, and the vendor you’ll be using.

Your Photos and Videos

Not only are we helping you connect with the most equipped and professional photographers and videographers in the country, but in the planner, you will find an outline to fill in that’ll help with budgets and appointment dates.

Your Venue


Inside Le Planneur you will find numerous lists and spaces that’ll help you choose the design and decorations you’re aiming for, as well as, write out the venue options you’ve been considering. Not to forget the cake and food options that you’ll need to lay out too!

And Most importantly, You!


We’d never forget the stress that is planning you during the wedding! So, you will find space to map out the  makeup artists and hairstylists you’re considering. It doesn’t stop there, but you can also brainstorm your look from head to toe in the questions to ask section.


Order your Le Planneur now and get a head start on planning your big day. We’ve made it with as much love as we have for weddings, therefore we guarantee you’ll love it as much as we do.