There is something about classic vintage cars and weddings. Don’t get us wrong, we like all getaway cars especially fast ones, but these babies are just over the top, and if you can afford to rent one for your BIG DAY, then take a look at these ideas to run away in style!

1- The Godfather’s Daughter


Lets start off with this classic all-blacked-out vintage. You can’t go wrong when you look like you just came-out of a mafia-filled wedding.

2- Wedding Royal


If you’re more into cars in white, then this classic Mercedes Benz is what you’re looking for. Trick it out with some flowers here and there and you will surely feel like a modern Cinderella.

3- The Expensive Taste


Got money in the bank, why not go for a classic Bentley then? Best part is that there is no need to trick it out because if you can get your hands on one of these babies, then most probably you wont care anymore about statements.

4- Love me like its 1955


Does hubby enjoy driving? Do you enjoy convertibles? Are Italian and French classic cars a favorite for both of you? Then you won’t go wrong with this beautiful compact convertible.

5- The Classic CaddyGetaway-Car-Wedding-Cairo-Egypt-WeddingHubEG


Why not go back to basics with a vintage Cadillac decorated with floral halos all over? Can’t argue with that can you?