Your Ultimate Guide to 2019 Bridal Makeup

Written by: Neamat Eltouby

As we finally wrap up 2018, we start planning our 2019 weddings. Don’t worry, you’re not going too slow. As the new year rolls in, new trends roll in, and we’re loving it! This year, less is definitely more. Looking perfect is looking effortless and happy by focusing on one feature and merely highlighting the rest is the way we believe in.

Focusing on the eyes

Metallic/dramatic eyes are out, and blurry blending is in! Choosing a few colors of the same theme and blurring them in is your focus point. Easily choose light tones that are easy to blend in and bring out your eyes. 



Focusing on the lips

 Undone Red

2019’s lips are all about the Reds and Berry colors. Focusing on the bold red lip gives you chance to keep the rest of your look undone. Mess up your hair and keep your face clean and light but pop the aisle with your beautiful bold lips.

Glossy Lips

The 90’s gloss is back! Remember when you bought that little lip smacker and played around with it till there was no more? Now you could use it at your wedding and still look absolutely stunning.

ROsy Tones

Phasing out 2018, we could see how pink was taking over the beauty industry feature by feature. In 2019, it’ll be taking over the bridal beauty industry as well! Finish your already red face with a little pink blush, a little pink eyeshadow, and a soft pink lip.

Highlighting Face Focal Points

Your face has only a few focal points, the corners of your eyes, the tip of your nose, the bridge of your lips, and your cheekbones. When keeping your makeup simple and sleek, highlighting these points are key to keep your face bright all night.

The new year is bringing in a new flame with makeup, hairstyles, and dresses. Highlighting the littlest things and making them pop while understating the rest is certainly the way to go.